ExMon - Video Monitoring of Exceptions

ExMon (short for Expert / Exception Monitor) can be applied to any "Object-in-Space" monitoring situation (such as Cars in a Car-park, Shipping Containers in a Container Yard, etc.). NeuralTek can deliver the ExMon solution either as a pre-trained CTE system (Custom Trained to Monitor a particular scene), or as an FTE (Field Trainable Edition) shell that can be trained to observe and monitor any target scene - ideally suited for use by system integrators, OEMs.

ExMon is capable of receiving live visual information through interfaced cameras, scanners, DVRs, etc., or from stored image and video files. Where as one would normally use a variety of magnetic, IR, and other types of sensors hardwired to specific 'spots', ExMon can usually perform the same task through a single fixed-focus camera providing a view of the target area (see Car-park example below).wpe19.jpg (83761 bytes)

ExMon allows for free-form marking of items to be monitored, either as Visible or Invisible "AOI" (Areas Of Interest). It allows straight-forward labelling of monitored items, and associating each of these to 'trigger action' types (see image below). Getting ExMon to learn object-space pairs is as easy as drawing a rectangular region on the screen, then hitting on the "Learn" Button. There is no limit on the 'number of items per camera view' that ExMon can monitor. Using temporal criteria in conjunction with features unique to a particular object-space, ExMon can learn to enforce 'rules' such as "Full/ Empty" status, "Keep Clear" zones, "Reserved" spots, etc. While the 'CURRENT STATUS' window keeps track of the state of each object in regard to its current state, the Cumulative Counters maintain a history of logged events and state changes, and provide statistics such as "Items In/ Out", "Number of Violations", etc.

On-screen and saved reports provide a complete audit trail of all state changes and events (see image below), while allowing easy cross-referencing to the relevant stored video/ images. Duration as well as the date-time-stamp of each event are available Reports may be printed, e-mailed, or interfaced to back office systems.

ExMon can be similarly applied to a variety of "Visual Inventory", "Security Monitoring", or "Pattern Matching/ Classification" scenarios, such as Caravan-parks, Container Management, Large Car-sales-yards, 'watching' over costly Art pieces in a Museum, etc.

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